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"This is an awesome concept I will certainly make full use of this service!
I wish you all the best with your study and research!
I am at beginner level, but hope to advance soon! The exercises and tutorials are so helpful and I have German friends to practice with as well!
It's really a great tool for any level of fluency or competency. I have already started to spread the news to my friends on Facebook. I will most certainly join the group, too!
By the time of my next visit to Germany, I hope to speak fluently without the assistance of any language guides!!

Kind regards,
Gavin Nel"

"Very interesting site. You are as idealistic as I.
The GLOW data base is almost 5 years ago. Best wishes to you!

Dr. Cecilia Cloughly


You are the users of this website and it's you who are experiencing it. I want to make this project an enjoyable and confortable learning german experience.
Your feedback is very important though. If you want to give me feedback or send me pictures of you learning german with Deutsch Happen you can do so by writing me an email to feedback (at) deutschhappen.com.

Or you can leave your feedback in our forum. Just click on the link in the top menu bar.

I'd be happy, hearing from you!

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